My Therapeutic Approaches

As a naturopath, I strive for a holistic approach in diagnosis and therapy. Over the years, the therapeutic methods that have emerged as essential components of my work, derived from Naturopathy and Homeopathy, have evolved in terms of professional therapy.


Acupuncture is a traditional healing method where specific effects are achieved in the organism by stimulating various reflex points. Stimulation is generally triggered by an acupuncture needle.


Biochemical therapy according to Dr. Schüßler involves treatment with homoeopathically prepared mineral salt compounds. Unlike homeopathy, the prescription is based on pathologically altered organ functions. Biochemistry is classified as one of the so-called regulatory therapies.


Using manual therapies, misalignments of joints, the spine, and the pelvis are corrected. These misalignments can occur suddenly or develop slowly. Blockages are resolved through cautious manual manipulation/movement of the affected joint.

Blood Therapy

In this treatment method, a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient’s vein and then injected back into a muscle. This process stimulates the immune system and overall physical activity.


Homeopathy is based on the principle of „like cures like.“ It uses highly diluted and energized substances of natural origin to stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanisms.


Homeosiniatry combines insights from homeopathy, neural therapy, and acupuncture. Homoeopathic complex remedies are injected under the skin at specific acupuncture and reflex points.

Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is a natural healing method where healing stimuli are applied to disturbed organ structures using procaine and other local anesthetics, thereby stimulating the body’s own regulation for the therapy of acute and chronic diseases.


Spagyrics is a holistic healing method rooted in centuries-old knowledge. It utilizes plant extracts to bring body, mind, and soul into harmony. The manufacturing process imbues the remedies with a potent effect that extends beyond that of an alcoholic solution or a homeopathic preparation.

Reflex Zone Therapy

Reflex zone treatment is based on the stimulus theory of Traditional European Medicine (TEM). It is a collective term for all healing methods where effects are achieved in other organs or organ systems by treating specific body areas, such as cupping or Baunscheidt therapy.