Holistic Constitutional Therapy (HCT) – changingideas®

Over three decades of personal experience have led me to develop a new form of therapy: Holistic Constitutional Therapy (HCT) – changingideas®. Based on skill development and processes, I’ve successfully applied this methodology for two decades.

Individuals stuck in recurring situations often have low energy levels, which need to be raised before engaging in subtle energy work.

Without energy, change is impossible.

The phases of consciousness/energy development are approached holistically with HCT – changingideas®, including on a physical level. This makes it significantly easier for the organism to process complex behavioral patterns and programming.

The readiness for transformation is expressed through the organism’s manifestations (symptoms) and the relative strength of the body (= energy).

Topics of my clients

  • Stressful life situations (feeling stuck, recurring)
  • Family conflicts
  • Coping with transitions
  • Sexuality
  • Challenges transitioning into new life phases (career, calling)
  • Anxiety/depressive episodes
  • Psychosomatic complaints
  • Spiritual development
Holistic Constitutional Therapy (HCT)