At the HP Christian Arndt Clinic, we are excited to share with you the latest and most relevant news and insights in the fields of Traditional European Medicine (TEM) and Homeopathy. As the founder of our practice, I am dedicated to providing a platform through this blog where our patients, curious individuals, and colleagues can stay informed about the newest advancements in treatment options and educational opportunities.

Stay tuned for fresh perspectives on the world of TEM, as we strive to keep you updated on cutting-edge developments and empower you to explore the ever-evolving landscape of holistic healthcare.

Christian Arndt

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Naturopathy or Traditional European Medicine (TEM) offers gentle assistance. These include therapies such as herbal medicine (homeopathy, spagyric prescriptions), acupuncture, and neural therapy.

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Haut Homöopathie Behandlung

Homeopathy for Skin Conditions

Many children (and adults) experience atopic or eczematous conditions that manifest as uncomfortable skin states. In infants, eczema often appears on the face with oozing symptoms.

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